Winter Rebuilds

Winter Rebuilds

winter-rebuild-01The ‘off season’ looks like a long time when you’ve just finished the last race of the season, but next season always sneaks up on you when your not ready.

We would like to encourage our customers to discuss their requirements with us at the earliest opportunity. Whether its a refresh on your engine, upgrading suspension or a full bike, please call or email us so we can arrange things for you.

The cold wet winter month’s are here and its time to take your road bike”s off the road and get them ready for next year but just remember it wont be to long before the sunshine is here again.

So as your bike is off the road why not get it serviced and prepped before anyone else, just give us a call for our special deals so your not rushing around as soon as the sun comes.

RJS Superbike are here to help you get your bike back to tip top condition so you really enjoy your riding.