Woolich ECU Mapping

The ECU (Engine Control Unit) controls the amount of fuel and ignition advance and other parameters an internal combustion engine needs to run under the current conditions. The ECU does this by monitoring inputs including throttle position, rpm, gear position, air temperature and coolant temperature.Stock ECU’s generally are far from optimal and are developed to allow for a wide range of riding styles, fuel quality and operational conditions. The result of this is often a compromise resulting in suboptimal performance. Significant improvements can be achieved through correcting the stock ECU’s deficiencies and tuning the engine to take full advantage of it’s potential.ECU Flashing is the process of updating the software that runs on your bikes ECU. This allows you to change various maps and settings in your ECU and significantly improve the performance of your engine. The Woolich Racing Tuned software works to allow us to adjust the maps and flash those changes to your bike’s ECU.

This product provides Quickshifter/Autoblipper,launch control and pit lane speed limiter to the stock ECU, The hardware is plug and play, allowing you to enable these functions with the stock harness/ECU

**Note you need to Flash the ECU in order to enable these features**

Woolich Racing Race Tools requires us to Write the ECU. It is not a stand alone product. You will need to use the relevant Woolich Racing Interface and Bin File Definition to enable and configure Race Tools and write to the ECU.